Best Electric Fireplace Reviewed for 2020 – Get Cozy and Warm!

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Are you shopping for the best electric fireplace? Do you want to get a stylish and elegant one aside from being effective in heating a room? Then note that the entire shopping process does not have to be overwhelming.
True, you have numerous choices but it is not that hard to find one that fits your requirements. In this article, we will tackle some of the best electric fireplaces currently available in the market today. You can also access our short buying guide so you will know the exact things that make this unit a good one.

What is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace refers to an electric-powered heating unit, which functions by mimicking the burning coal, natural gas, or wood used in a usual fireplace. You can see this unit being placed frequently in conventional fireplaces.

It is not meant for use with conventional fires. You have to plug it into a wall. It operates using a flame-only setting. You may also use it as a heater, heating rooms of various sizes.

A good electric fireplace can offer supplemental heating for room sizes that are around 400 square feet. You can control most of these units by regulating their heating elements aside from the flame effect.

This results in the unit providing a flame even if it does not produce heat literally. With that, you can enjoy enough heat whenever you need it. It is also convenient because aside from being portable, it does not require chimneys and any form of remodeling during installation.

Best Electric Fireplace

Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplace touchstone

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The first recommendation is the Touchstone 80004 Sideline. It has several selling points but one area where it truly shines is in its aesthetics. It is aesthetically pleasing as it produces flames that look real.

The unit can make you feel like a traditional and actual wood fireplace is in front of you. It has three color-changing options. Such options give you control over the look of the flame/fire. You can alternate between orange, blue, or a mix of the two.

It has a unique dual setting, which you can use to turn off its heating element. With that, it can serve as an indoor campfire when the summer season comes. It is also a great source of warmth during winter.

You can install it through recessed mounting in-wall. It has two heat settings to choose from. Furthermore, you can control its realistic flame by using its five brightness settings.

This 50-inch Touchstone electric fireplace also operates at 1,500 watts. It can heat a room that is up to 400 square feet. However, it would have been much better if Touchstone included remote control batteries in the set.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comes with three-color changing options
  • Allows turning off of the heating element
  • Can heat large rooms
  • Easy to install


  • No batteries included for the remote control

PuraFlame 33-inch Western Electric Fireplace Insert

best electric fireplace puraflame western

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One impressive fact about this PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert is that it can fit fireplace slots that are already existing. It is available in various sizes, allowing it to accommodate different requirements in terms of size.
You can go for the 750/1,500-watt insert if you want to heat 400 square feet areas. Another advantage is that it is energy-efficient. It is because it uses LED technology, which is 100 percent energy-efficient.

The unit also provides three flame options that differ in terms of brightness and intensity. It resembles that of an authentic fireplace, which just shows how the manufacturer placed a lot of thought into designing it. Almost everything looks authentic, including the resin logs and brick wall interior design.

The electronic temperature control integrated into the unit also lets you set it based on the correct temperature needed for your room. It also has a thermostat, which you can use to adjust it to the appropriate warmth level. Furthermore, installing the unit is easy.

However, it is important to be extra careful when operating the unit as it can get hot to the touch.


  • Comes in various sizes
  • Uses energy-efficient LED technology
  • Looks authentic
  • Equipped with three flame options
  • Features an adjustable thermostat


  • Can get hot to touch

PuraFlame Alice 50-inch Recessed Electric Fireplace

best recessed electric fireplace

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Another unit from PuraFlame is the Alice 50-inch Recessed Electric Fireplace. One major selling point of this product is the use of ultra-high intensity LED light. It offers a realistic and bright flame effect.

It also gives you total control over the flame settings and brightness as it has a couple of choices for it. You can even operate the flame effect with or with no heat. With that, expect to enjoy the right ambiance the whole year.
It features an adjustable thermostat, which you can use in controlling the temperature in a room. This lets you adjust the temperature based on your preference. It also comes with a countdown timer.

You can use this timer function to turn the fireplace off automatically. This timer works by setting it from thirty minutes to nine hours. It is easy to install plus it has a versatile design, which makes it fit all rooms and spaces.

Moreover, it has touch-screen buttons that let you enjoy a more unique and convenient experience. Another nice feature is the touch button light, which will automatically turn off within ten seconds after operating the fire.


  • Boasts of a realistic and bright flame effect
  • Equipped with an adjustable thermostat
  • Easy to install
  • Turns off automatically, thanks to its countdown timer
  • Features touch-screen buttons


  • The remote control is of subpar quality.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace

amazing and durable portable electric fireplace infrared

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If you are searching for a stove-style electric fireplace then the Duraflame 3D Infrared unit is perfect for you. It is a small and portable infrared fireplace. Despite being portable and compact, it is still a powerhouse as it can heat rooms that have up to 1,000 square feet areas.

It features 3D flames that seem to mimic the look of the fires and flames produced by real wood. The unit is built in a way that you can control and adjust the light’s speed, brightness, and color. With that, expect it to be able to produce your desired room effect.

There is also a built-in adjustable thermostat, which is useful in changing the room’s temperature. It is also one of the safest electric fireplaces you can own. It is because of its built-in protection feature designed to detect overheating and shut off automatically.

Moreover, it takes pride in its sturdy and strong metal body construction. It comes paired with a beveled glass door, as well as side viewing windows. Once assembled, you can operate it using the remote control or its control panel.


  • Can be operated using a remote control or control panel
  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet areas
  • Mimics the look of flames from real wood
  • Features an adjustable thermostat
  • Detects overheating and turns off automatically, making it a safe unit


  • Quite hard to see the dials and numbers because the control panel’s position is at the bottom

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console

tv console best electric fireplace

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Another incredible recommendation is this Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console offered by Ameriwood Home. This is mainly a TV console but it also features a 23-inch insert for an electric fireplace. You can use this in giving your room the appropriate room temperature with the aid of remote control.

In such a case, you can take full advantage of its LED lights. The metal-based insert also features a lighted control touch panel. You can use this in adjusting various aspects of the unit including the timer, heater, power, and flame.

It has a nice and elegant look, thanks to the textured medium-brown wood-grain finish that the console has. Another advantage of this electric fireplace and TV console combination is that it has a few storage spaces that you can maximize in storing your cable box, video game systems, and DVDs.

As for the fireplace, expect it to do a decent job in heating areas around 400 square feet. This will let them have a more appropriate atmosphere. You can also use it in making a nice and relaxing atmosphere through its various light settings.


  • Features a nice and elegant finish
  • Can heat large areas
  • Comes with a lighted control touch panel for the timer, heater, power, and flame adjustments
  • Large storage space
  • Can be operated with remote control for convenience


  • Quite heavy

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Fireplace

portable infrared electric fireplace

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Another amazing product you should check out is the Large Room Infrared Fireplace from Lifesmart. One great benefit of this infrared fireplace is that it does not utilize fuel, combustion, or any toxic substance when heating a room. It makes it a clean and odorless choice for a fireplace.

It is portable, which makes it easier to manage and use compared to the others. The fact that it uses portable infrared heating technology also allows zone-heating, which makes it more energy-efficient. It helps ensure that only those rooms and areas you use receive heat, significantly lessening energy consumption.

The unit is notable for being super-efficient, thanks to its 6-quarts infrared elements. You will notice these infrared elements being wrapped inside a heat exchanger coil made of a metallic material.

It even provides three settings designed to help you save energy. You can also use the eco-setting if you want to heat small spaces with just 500-watt power. A well-designed wooden cabinet with a black front also surrounds this unit.

Furthermore, it is easy to move or transport because of its glide casters. You will also gain complete control when operating the built-in digital thermostat because of its easy-to-use remote control. The addition of a dual timer also allows you to set it for up to 12 hours so it will stay on or off within your preferred duration.


  • Super energy-efficient, thanks to the infrared technology it uses
  • Enclosed in a well-designed wooden cabinet
  • Comes with an easy-to-use remote control
  • Offers complete control, thanks to the adjustable digital thermostat
  • Easy to move or transport from one place to another


  • Slightly noisy fan

TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace

awesome electric fireplace heater

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Another electric fireplace worth trying is the TURBRO Suburbs TS20. One impressive fact about this fireplace is that it can supply the heating required by your home using clean energy. It is a cost-effective solution if you want your home to have a cozy, comfortable, and warm atmosphere.

This unit has a unique and vintage look that adds elegance to any home. It is stylish enough without losing its durability and sturdiness. Expect it to appear as a strong and sturdy fireplace with its durable frame and metal legs.

It can make you feel like you are watching real flames through its effects, including the burning log. Another dramatic addition in the unit is the 3-sided panoramic glass that you can use to see its interiors. It even features a door made of tempered glass, which is easy to open.

It has a great heating capacity of 1,400W/4,777BTU, allowing it to heat rooms of small and medium sizes quickly. You will also love the adjustable thermostat because this means that you have complete control over the room’s temperature.

This fireplace features a user-friendly control panel, which is convenient enough to use for faster and easier operation. Moreover, it is built with the safety of users in mind as proven by its overheating safety protection. This specific feature shuts off the unit automatically to avoid fire.


  • Uses clean energy for heating
  • Powerful heating capacity
  • Equipped with overheating safety protection
  • Has a user-friendly control panel
  • Easy-to-control temperature, thanks to the adjustable thermostat


  • Produces an unwanted smell at first but you can rest assured it will disappear within minutes

GMHome Wall-mounted Electric Fireplace

wall mount electric fireplace

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This 40-inch electric fireplace from GMHome also seems to meet the demands and requirements of most users when it comes to finding electric fireplaces. The versatility of setting it up or installing it is one of its most remarkable advantages. One thing that you can do is to mount it on a wall.

You can also set it up in a way that it becomes a freestanding unit. It provides a few options in terms of color, promoting ease in selecting the most appropriate ambiance for various occasions. You can take advantage of nine changeable flame colors for this.

It makes use of 3D flame technology. This is a big advantage as it specifically means that it works without the need for oil and gas. It also operates without causing you to worry about smoke.

Another nice feature of this fireplace is the tempered glass front panel with exteriors boasting of a white gloss painting steel. This makes it stylish and elegant to look at.

It also takes pride in its dual heat settings, giving you more control over the warmth or heat it provides. Moreover, it is convenient to use because you can also operate it via remote control.


  • Easy and quick to install
    Uses 3D flame technology
    Resembles the flame produced by traditional fireplaces
    Stylish and elegant
    Provides several choices for flame colors


  • Not that quiet operation

e-Flame USA Jasper Electric Fireplace

best home jasper electric fireplace

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This free-standing electric fireplace offered by e-Flame is also on top of the options of many prospective users. It has a lightweight structure so moving or transporting it from one place or room to another is not hard.

It is stylish and versatile, making it suit various parts or rooms in your home, including the garage, basement, and guest rooms. The fact that it is compact also offers a strong advantage because it makes it perfect for any indoor space, even tight corners.

The unit operates at 5115 BTU. This is enough to offer supplemental heat to areas that are up to 400 square feet. It is also easy and quick to assemble and set up, allowing you to enjoy comfort and warmth within just a few minutes.

It also takes pride in its stylish and durable double glass doors. It has settings that you can easily adjust to assure users of an even distribution of heat. Moreover, you do not need to worry about your safety with this unit around because of its safety protection, including the automatic shut-off feature.

The presence of this feature makes it capable of preventing overheating. It does not produce smoke or odor and is cool to touch, making it even safer for all users.


  • Stylish and versatile
  • Compact and portable, allowing it to fit even tight spaces and corners
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Features durable double glass doors
  • Guarantees the even distribution of heat


  • Costly

Xbeauty 50-inch Electric Fireplace

large electric recessed fireplace

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Lastly, there is this 50-inch electric fireplace from Xbeauty. It also does a pretty decent job of giving heat while imitating what a traditional fireplace usually does. It supports multiple solutions for installation – among which are semi-recessed or recessed in walls and wall mounting.

Another remarkable advantage of this unit is the back frame design. This specific design plays a major role in promoting optimal viewing. It is because it can increase the size of the linear glass display.

This specific function lessens the risk of the glass panel incurring damages when transporting it. You will also love the kind of control provided by this electric fireplace. It has a dozen options for LED flame colors. With that, you can always pick your preferred flame effect.

With the touch screen capability and the remote control included in this electric fireplace, controlling all functions of the unit is also easy and convenient. You can even operate and adjust the heat and flame without having to get up too often. It has a timer control and overheat protection, too.


  • Offers multiple ways for installation
  • Promotes optimal viewing through its back frame design
  • Provides several options for LED flame colors
  • Touch screen and remote control included
  • Features a timer and overheat protection


  • Loud beep produced each time you set its brightness, heat, or color

Buying Guide: Which One to Get?

Apart from the different brands and models of electric fireplace, various types of this unit may also confuse you. This may cause you to question which one you should pick. To lessen the confusion, here is brief information about the different types of electric fireplaces that are presently available.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

The wall-mount electric fireplace has hanging models. In most cases, you can directly install this type in drywall. If you go for the hanging model then you can rest assured that it comes with all the mounting hardware required to install it.

Since you can just hang or mount it directly on the drywall, installing it yourself is possible. It is a great choice if you are living in an apartment because it does not require you to install it permanently. This means you can easily bring it each time you decide to move again.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

The electric fireplace insert comes in a design, which lets you insert it in a traditional fireplace. It also serves as a great replacement for fireboxes that come from old and traditional electric fireplaces.

One advantage of this is that it does not emit carbon dioxide often produced by wood-burning fireplaces. It is an elegant-looking and efficient alternative to such traditional fireplaces. Another benefit is that it is easy to maintain and handle.

Some of the electric log inserts available today resemble an actual fireplace or campfire. You can just insert it to a wood-burning fireplace you already have at home. All it takes is to plug it in or hardwire it into an outlet.

Electric Mantel Fireplaces

If you are looking for an electric fireplace that truly looks like the actual thing then you can never go wrong by picking the electric mantel fireplace. It is a hassle-free alternative to the real one because you can easily integrate it into your room. All it takes is plugging it then turning it on.

This fireplace features a framing surrounding it. This transforms it into a self-contained unit. It is perfect for households without space for an actual fireplace.

The electric mantel fireplace also comes in various colors, styles, and sizes although it is quite costly. It also serves as effective hidden storage for books, remote controls, or any other form of media.

Electric Fireplace Stoves

This type of electric fireplace is freestanding. This eliminates the need to build or install it into the wall or create some ventilation for it. You can use it right after plugging it into a socket.

It is compatible with rooms that are around 400 to 600 square feet. The good thing about the electric fireplace stove is that it consumes less energy. It also lets you control the stove’s temperature.

You may also turn off the heat entirely so you can enjoy just the flame. It is because it produces a realistic flame effect, which is not too warm. You can even expect it to be relaxing.

Freestanding or Fixed Electric Fireplace

You can also choose between the freestanding and the fixed electric fireplace. Your choice between the two should be greatly dependent not only on your home but also on your specific requirements.

If saving money on installation is your goal then go for the freestanding fireplace. It is because you can install it just by using other items in your home, like your furniture. Alternatively, you can let them stand against the wall.

If space is an issue then go for a fixed electric fireplace. It would be much better if you pick the mounted type. It allows you to add heat to a room without worrying about safety.

Furthermore, you can safely install it close to your television set. Fortunately, installing the fixed electric fireplace is not that hard, so even with just a bit of expertise, you can do it.

Choosing the Right One for your House

Now that you are aware of some of the most popular types of electric fireplaces, it is time to tackle the different factors that matter a lot when making your choice. You have a higher chance of picking the right electric fireplace that suits your household the most by spending time scrutinizing the following:


When choosing the right electric fireplace for your home, get an accurate measurement of the space you are planning to heat. Aside from the size of the room, you also need to check the size of the actual unit.

In most cases, fan-forced coil fireplaces fit rooms with 400 to 500 square feet areas the most. Infrared quartz fireplaces, on the other hand, perfectly suit rooms that are around 1,000 square feet in size.

As for the actual fireplace, a small one can’t do a great job in heating an extremely large room. If you plan to heat a large area, like your entire home, then go for a larger electric fireplace, too. A small one will suit small areas, like a bedroom.

Before buying, determine the specific spot where you intend to place it. That way, you will have an assurance that it will indeed fit. This is especially important in case you plan to choose any of the built-in models available.

However, note that even those plug-in electric fireplaces also need to perfectly fit into their designated rooms.


Check different styles of electric fireplaces, too. Note that electric fireplaces are often designed to look stylish and elegant. What is good about these units is that they do not come with the fumes, maintenance, and cost associated with a real fireplace.

When checking out various styles, think about your home’s interior décor and your unique style. It should perfectly fit your home’s architecture while also jiving with what you want. Also, ask yourself whether you want a frameless or a framed style or one with a multi-color or just regular flame.

Picking the right style is the key to enjoying the investment for years. Just make sure that you do not compromise the quality and functionality of the unit by trying to focus only on the style.


The materials used in constructing the electric fireplace should also contribute to your final decision. As much as possible, look for the most durable construction. Go for an electric fireplace made of solid and strong materials as this assures you of long-lasting functionality.

Also, note that an electric fireplace can have a traditional or an ultra-modern look. This will depend on the type of filler material used inside. Also called media pieces, this filler is arranged inside the unit, further improving the flame.

A lot of electric fireplaces feature just one type of filler material. Others, on the other hand, provide several media options, allowing you to customize them. Some filler materials you can choose from are logs, glass, rocks, and embers.

Other Things to Consider When Getting an Electric Fireplace

Apart from the three factors mentioned earlier, there are also other considerations you have to make. The following are among the most often overlooked factors by many buyers of electric fireplaces.

It helps to examine these equally important factors and aspects carefully when comparing your choices, so you can make a sound and wise choice.

Maintenance Cost

The cost associated with maintaining the electric fireplace should play a huge role in your decision. One notable advantage of an electric fireplace is that it does not burn nor use combustible fuel. This means that it does not develop corrosion that might cause the lifespan of other traditional fireplaces to get shorter.

With that, you can conveniently spread the overall cost of maintaining and using the unit over its expected lifetime, which is usually at least ten years. Also, most of these units need almost no maintenance.

You only need to clean the glass or dust the surround occasionally. However, you should still consider the cost and effort involved in its maintenance before buying.


Since this fireplace is electric-powered, make sure that it is safe to operate. It should contain a few safety features that protect you and your household from harm once you operate the unit.

One vital safety feature it must have is overheating protection. Check whether the unit you are eyeing has a built-in switch, which turns off the heater automatically in case it detects overheating.

The glass or housing of the fireplace should also have a cool-to-the-touch construction. This is important if you have pets or kids at home. With this feature, you will have peace of mind knowing that no one will get burned when touching the fireplace no matter what setting or mode it is on.

Power Consumption

Examine the unit’s power consumption before buying, too. In this case, you have to consider the number of watts used by the unit. The number of watts in an electric fireplace can greatly affect its heating performance.

You can expect electric fireplaces with more watts to give off more heat. In most cases, you can choose between the 750-watt and the 1,500-watt models.

If you want to heat a small room then the 750-watt fireplace is usually enough. Go for the 1,500-watt fireplace if you intend to heat a large area, though.
Manufacturer’s Reputation

It also helps to buy an electric fireplace from a trusted and reputable manufacturer or brand. Remember that you will be paying for this unit. With that in mind, go for one that truly gives you the kind of quality you are hoping for.

Pick a well-respected and reliable brand by reading reviews. Find out whether a specific manufacturer earned great reviews and feedback from the public. If it does then it is highly likely that its products are worth trying for.

Explore different brands and find out which one earned the trust of many users. Also, ensure that your chosen brand or manufacturer has the specific type of electric fireplace you are looking for.


Check the warranty coverage offered by your chosen manufacturer. Note that the price of the fireplace varies from being inexpensive to costly depending on the visual appeal, design, and other available features and benefits. Regardless of the price of your chosen unit, make sure that it has good warranty coverage.

Find out whether the manufacturer’s warranty is lifetime or limited. Keep in mind that while there are units with lifetime warranties, there are also instances when this coverage can be limited because of specific factors.

Make it a point to study the terms of the warranty coverage to ensure that you will not have problems later on. Also, avoid those with short warranties, especially if you intend to keep and use the electric fireplace for a long time.

Safety Tips for Using Electric Fireplace

The use of an electric fireplace requires you to keep in mind some important safety tips. Among the things you can do to keep yourself and your entire household safe when using an electric fireplace are the following:

Avoid using an extension lead – It is because the extension lead is prone to getting overloaded, eventually causing a fire. If the plug socket is not that close to the fireplace then make it a point to move the unit or hire an electrician to move the plug socket instead of using an extension lead.

Do not block the vents – This is necessary for the proper circulation of air. One thing you can do to prevent the vents from being blocked is to avoid hanging anything on the fireplace, like wet laundry so it will dry faster.

Turn off when unused – Do not forget to remove the plug from the socket, too. It is all the more important to do this if there are kids around your home.
Make it a habit to inspect the power cord and plug – If you detected some damages then contact a professional to fix it right away. Avoid using a damaged power cord and plug for the fireplace as this might result in accidents.

Supervise pets and kids who get close to the fireplace – Be extra careful if you have kids and pets around to ensure that they won’t get burned by the unit or cause a fire.

Do not install the fireplace in damp places, like a bathroom – Avoid putting liquid or water close to the electric fireplace, too.

How Does Electric Fireplace Installation Work?

One thing that draws a lot of people to electric fireplaces is the ease of their installation. You can have this unit set up within just a few minutes. In most cases, the installation of electric fireplaces works just by plugging in your chosen unit then turning it on.

However, some tips will help ensure that you will be able to install the unit safely and promote long-term operation. One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of these units are constructed in a way that you can plug them into standard household outlets.

Before buying one, ensure that a well-functioning wall receptacle is available in the specific spot you intend to install the unit. Plug it into its dedicated circuit. Do not share this circuit with other fixtures or outlets.

In case that is not possible, ensure that all fixtures and circuit outlets will not result in overloading. To prevent that, avoid including other huge appliances on a similar circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I leave the electric fireplace overnight?

One remarkable fact about electric fireplaces is that they are built and designed with the safety of users in mind. With that, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is safe to leave it on overnight. You can let it stay on overnight without worrying about your safety.

However, make sure to use the temperature control or thermostat when leaving it on overnight. Pick an appropriate temperature. It should be comfortable without making you feel extremely warm.

Also, before leaving it on, check the top and remove anything that might catch fire. There should be a sort of clearance on top and in front of the fireplace. Do not put drinks close to or on the fireplace.

How much square footage does the electric fireplace heats?

The specific area that an electric fireplace can heat will always depend on the unit you have chosen to buy. In most cases, the square footage it can heat will be dependent on the BTUs it can produce. Note that various models also produce different BTUs.

In most cases, it can warm a room with a minimum area of 400 square feet. Expect this size to go higher based on your chosen unit and produced BTUs. If you plan to heat a medium-sized living room or bedroom (specifically around 600 square feet) then consider getting one with 400 to 5,000 BTUs.

Before buying, therefore, make sure that you are fully aware of the BTUs produced by a certain model. Have a close to an accurate measurement of the specific square feet it can efficiently heat.

How much will an electric fireplace raise my bill?

The cost of running an electric fireplace affects your bill. Fortunately, most of these units are built to be highly energy-efficient. It has a heating element, which takes all electricity then convert it to energy.

This process wastes only around one percent of the energy. The fact that this type of fireplace does not need venting or a flue prevents heat from escaping. This ensures that one hundred percent of its generated heat will be spread over the entire room.

With that in mind, you have an assurance that it will not raise your electric bill that much. The amount you will pay on electricity when running the fireplace will be dependent on the electricity cost within your area.

If the cost of electricity in your place is $0.14 per kW then a 1.5-kW electric fireplace might cause you to consume around $0.21 per hour. If the cost of electricity in your location is high then you will also instantly notice how costly it is to run the unit.

Do electric fireplaces heat well?

Yes, this unit is built in a way that it can heat a specific area effectively. The amount of heat it can produce, though, will greatly vary based on the actual room’s size and the number of BTUs it can produce. Some can produce around 4,000 to 5,000 while others are on the lower bracket – around 2,500 to 5,000 BTUs.

These factors greatly contribute to the amount of heating your room will receive as well as its intensity. One thing to remember, though, is that while electric fireplaces can heat a room well, it does not seem to work that efficiently when used as a source of heat or warmth for the entire house. It tends to fit zone heating the most.

Is an electric fireplace better than gas?

In terms of energy efficiency, electric fireplaces seem to work better compared to gas fireplaces. The electric type only uses around 5,200 to 8,900 BTUs then convert all energy to heat. It often costs approximately $25 annually to operate.

This makes it more energy-efficient than gas, especially on the surface. In terms of installation, you can easily and quickly do it with both electric and gas fireplaces. However, the electric type often has more convenient features that make installing it even easier.

Both are also easy to maintain. However, in terms of safety, the electric fireplace seems to work better than gas. It is because gas fireplaces tend to get hot rapidly, increasing the risk of burns. Furthermore, it is also vulnerable to gas leaks.


Finding the best electric fireplace is indeed one of the best decisions you can make. It is safe to use and energy-efficient. This makes it perfect for any home that requires supplemental heat.

It is safe in the sense that you can use it even if you have pets or kids at home. Another amazing thing about the electric fireplace is that it is available in various styles. With that, you can always choose one that suits your existing home décor and furniture.

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