Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

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Choosing the wrong kind of space heater might cause you to have a hard time heating a particularly large room. It might also cause you to spend more than what you expected. It is the reason why you need to look for an efficient solution that can meet your heating requirements.

By searching for the best space heater for large room, you will enjoy a cozy and fun feel at home without spending a lot of money. It is the key to offsetting the chill during the winter or providing your heating system at home a boost.

If you want to invest in a truly good space heater, then this article will give you some insights on choosing the right one. Some reliable models for space heaters in the form of electric fireplaces also have short reviews here.

Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A

This product from Dr. Infrared is the ultimate choice for anyone who is looking for a highly dependable industrial electric garage heater. It is the ideal solution for warming up not only the garage but also workshops, basements, and construction sites.

It is an amazing heater because of the unique design used for its heating element. This heater also takes pride in its highly portable design, allowing you to fit it in any spot. Aside from that, the built-in thermostat has settings that you can easily adjust.

You can adjust it from the low setting to high. It has a sturdy built, which somewhat proves that it can last long. The fan integrated into this heater also ensures that the warmth it provides will be even and continuous.

Another impressive feature of this space heater is its cord storage, which contributes a lot in ensuring that your space remains organized. The advanced dual heating also proves how good it is in heating large rooms evenly and quickly.

It does so without causing any cold and hot spots. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind knowing that it has a few safety features – among which are the high-temperature limit, finger-proof intake & discharge grills, and its overheat protection.


  • Adjustable thermostat included – I am so delighted that this model has a built-in thermostat, which I can easily adjust. I can just adjust its temperature to fit my preferences.
  • Portable and unique design – I like the overall design of this space heater. It makes the unit nice to look at while also being easy to fit in any space.
  • Plenty of safety features built in – I also feel safe every time I use this space heater. It is because of the many safety features integrated into it, including the overheat protection and high-temperature limit.
  • Built-in fan – Another feature I love in this space heater is the fan. I find it useful in distributing heat throughout the entire space. With that, I always feel comfortable when staying in the spot where I installed it.


  • Not that quiet – I noticed that it produces some annoying sounds when it operates. It also tends to vibrate from time to time, causing metallic noise to be added to the sounds produced by the built-in fan.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Another great recommendation for anyone searching for a space heater that can heat large rooms is this specific product offered by Dr. Infrared. It is built in such a way that it can provide heat during the winter while also allowing you to save on electric bills.

It does so with the aid of the advanced dual heating system integrated into the unit as well as the quartz and PTC infrared element that comes along with it. This system together with the high-velocity blower also works in distributing heat more effectively.

It results in the even heat distribution and the release of comfortable temperature in a large room quickly. Another advantage of this portable space heater is that it is safe to use and operate even if you have pets or kids around.

It is mainly because aside from being only warm to touch, the space heater does not also come with exposed heating elements causing a fire. It also features an energy-saving auto-mode.

Apart from that, you will surely love the highly advanced technology designed to maintain the air moisture within the room you are heating. With that in mind, you have an assurance that it will not cause skin dryness.


  • Quiet operation – One amazing benefit I love in this portable space heater is that it operates quietly. Unlike other models I know that tend to produce too much noise, this one is quiet. I can’t even hear its operating sounds.
  • I discovered that it is because of the special technology that the unit uses to process huge amounts of air at minimal blowing speed. It contributes a lot to keep the noise level of the unit low.
  • Comes with an advanced dual heating system – I think this system is the reason behind the efficiency of this unit. I also notice how quick it is in heating my large room. It can provide my required level of heat at the fastest possible time.
  • Equipped with a programmable timer – I find this 12-hour timer very useful as it allows me to program the heater based on the number of hours I would like heat to be supplied. It will shut off automatically once the programmed number of hours is reached.
  • Allows remote adjustments – I also like the fact that I can adjust this heater remotely. I can turn it off, adjust its temperature, or program the settings without the need to get up.


  • Requires the use of extension lead – You might need to invest in an extension lead of top-notch quality to prevent the fuse from getting blown.

Mr. Heater MH9BX

You may also want to give the Mr. Heater MH9BX a try. It is great for large rooms because it is designed to heat spaces up to 225 square feet efficiently. It features two heat settings, making it possible for you to set it based on what is the most appropriate setting for you.

One thing that makes this space heater unique is that you can use it indoors and outdoors. Some customers even say that it is a highly efficient and safe camping heater. It takes pride in its clean-burning capacity as well as its almost 100 percent efficiency.

The number of hours it operates when set at the maximum output is around three hours, which some users already find impressive. When set on low, expect it to deliver the heat you need for a max of 6 hours. It is capable of heating even the coldest rooms quickly.

Another nice feature that anyone will love about this space heater is the low-oxygen safety shut-off. This is a fantastic safety feature as it lets you leave the unit on even if you are out of the room or overnight without worrying about it overheating.

It has a sturdy porcelain heating surface while having the ability to direct radiant heat through a wide area without losing your preferred temperature. Another advantage is that it features a fold-down handle, which is useful in minimizing storage space.


  • Equipped with a top-quality burner tile made of ceramic – I find the integration of this feature into the overall design of the unit impressive because aside from making it sturdier, it also has shock-absorbing insulation. I can also easily replace it if needed.
  • Impressive heating performance – It is mainly because of its 4,000 to 9,000 BTU capacity. I discovered that it can efficiently deliver patented radiant heat through liquid propane directly connected to a 1-lb. cylinder.
  • With its guaranteed performance, I can say that it is the best solution to heat enclosed spaces. Some examples are large rooms and tents.
  • Equipped with a fold-down handle – Aside from minimizing footprint, I also noticed how useful this handle is in maximizing the heater’s output.
  • Have several safety features – One thing I like is the auto shut-off, which means that the unit shuts off automatically in case it gets tipped over, senses low levels of oxygen, or loses its pilot light.
  • It also shuts off automatically when it runs at altitudes more than seven thousand feet above sea level. A bonus safety feature is the ODS or oxygen depletion sensor.


  • A bit of residue odor produced – One thing I dislike about this heater is that it tends to produce a bit of residue odor. I discovered that it often happens in case the value remains unclean after each use.

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

This infrared heater from Heat Storm did not also disappoint the majority of its users, proving that it is indeed worthy of your trust. It is one of the most versatile infrared heaters you can find that can handle heating large rooms quickly and efficiently.

It can supply adequate heat to living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces with a max of 150 sq. ft. area. This infrared heater boasts of its huge digital display, which clearly shows the settings. The good thing about its program settings is that you can control it either through the heater, itself or via Wi-Fi connection.

It has a unique and patented construction, which also comes with infrared quartz bulbs. It is a big help in ensuring that there is only minimal loss of heat. It also lets you use its two heat settings or heating modes – the energy-efficient heating and the full heating.

The controls of this heater are also digital. With that, you will never have a hard time programming it based on your preferred setting. You can make an adjustment to the temperature of the thermostat with the user-friendly up and down buttons.

It also has a remote control for it. Aside from that, you have the choice to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa every now and then. Moreover, it allows HVAC calibration, which means you can calibrate its built-in thermostat to the HVAC system used in your home.


  • Can be operated through Wi-Fi – The Wi-Fi connectivity of this infrared heater is one of its biggest advantages. I noticed how useful it is in controlling the unit remotely. I can control it anywhere using the Smart Life app.
  • Highly efficient heating performance – Another reason why I truly love this space heater is that it is proven to be highly efficient as far as heating is concerned. It is mainly because of its 1,500-watt heating capacity, which is powerful enough to heat rooms with areas as large as 150 square feet.
  • Wall-mount design – I am also happy to say that this design is meant to save space. With that, I was able to prevent losing any floor space. This space-saving nature is also one reason why it works well for different rooms and spaces, like offices, kitchens, and bedrooms.
  • Energy-efficient – This unit is also very satisfying because of its amazing energy-efficiency. It warms up your rooms quickly without causing you to worry about its energy consumption. It is mainly because of its patented and unique HMS dual-wall technology.


  • Subpar quality remote control – I found out upon regular use that the remote control included in the purchase is not that strong. It does not seem to operate as well as other remote controls used from normal distances.

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

This oscillating space heater from Comfort Zone is also one of the most highly recommended products because of how good and efficient it is in delivering its promises. It has an oscillating fan, which works effectively in heating large rooms quickly.

The good news is that the heat it supplies is safe and even while also being energy-efficient. One thing that draws a lot of users to this product is its adjustable temperature. You can easily make adjustments to the temperature using the provided remote control.

It also has a large display so you can view the settings with ease. Another impressive feature of this space heater is the eco-mode, allowing you to adjust the heat output with the aim of lowering energy costs.
Another thing that most users love about this oscillating heater from Comfort Zone is its portable and lightweight structure. Moving it from one place to another is easy because it is lightweight and portable. You can also easily bring it anywhere.

It has a digital thermostat, too. It is safe to use because of its auto-shutoff feature as well as its 8-hour timer. With these two features combined, you can maximize the use of this heater economically.


  • Forced-fan circulation used in heating rooms – I am very glad that this unit uses forced-fan circulation as I noticed how helpful it is in delivering quick and efficient heat.
  • The fan rotates from one side to another, contributing to the quick and even heating of the room. I am also delighted that it does such heating while retaining a constant temperature.
  • Integrated with a digital thermostat – This digital thermostat has the advantage of optimizing the level of comfort. I noticed that this thermostat also helps in preventing stuffiness and overheating, making it safe to use.
  • Auto-shutoff and timer integrated into the unit – With both these features combined, I can rest assured that my entire family and I are safe when this unit operates. The auto-shutoff feature and 8-hour timer promote ease in programming the unit for a more comfortable and steadier temperature.
  • User-safety guaranteed – Overall, I am satisfied with the level of safety provided by this unit. It has plenty of safety features plus it comes with an ETL certification, proving how safe it is.
  • Aside from the overheat protection sensor, it also features an automatic fail-safe. It is a big help in cutting off the power once the unit is tipped off accidentally.


  • Not that silent – While the noise produced by the fan is not on an extremely high level, I would also like to say that it is not completely silent. Some find the noise it produces quite uncomfortable.

Air Choice Space Heater with Remote

Another fantastic recommendation is this Air Choice Space Heater with Remote. It is an incredible choice if you are looking for a space heater, which genuinely works for large rooms. It is worth the investment especially if you are someone who can’t tolerate the cold that much.

The versatility of this unit is one of its most prominent advantages. It is versatile in the sense that you can use it in any room or space, whether indoor or outdoor. It also guarantees quick heating plus it lets you control the temperature.

This unit is impressive because of its portability. You can easily bring it anywhere because it is portable and lightweight. Made of ceramic, this heater lets you choose from various settings, including fan, warm, and hot wind.

This means you can pick one based on which one is required for a particular setting or scenario. This unit also boasts of its oscillation and multi-mode function. You will love the 120-degree oscillating feature of this unit because it is guaranteed to warm a huge area.

With that, expect to be able to use it at home and in an office setting. It also has a remote control, which is known for its ultra-long sensing distance as well as its sensitive response.


  • Space-saving design – I like how compact and slim this space heater is. Having such a space-saving design makes it possible for me to put it beside the bed, sofa, or beneath my desk.
  • 120-degree oscillation function – With this function, I find this unit ideal not only for my personal and family’s use. I also find it useful in both the office and any household. I also noticed how good it is in heating a large room within just a few minutes.
  • Adjustable thermostat integrated into the unit – I am also glad of the adjustable thermostat that is built into this heater. It is effective in providing consistent eat and warmth during cold and chilly days. The temperature can be set up between 50 and 95 degrees F.
  • Overheat protection included in the purchase – I am also delighted with the safety features included in this unit. It aids in preventing safety issues and giving me peace of mind. Among these safety features are the overheat protection and the auto-shutoff feature.


  • A bit loud – One thing I dislike about this unit is its kind of loud operation. Despite that, I am still enjoying its many features and benefits, so I think this downside is not a huge deal-breaker at all.

Types of Space Heaters

Convection Space Heater

One of the most common types of space heaters that you can use in large rooms is the convection space heater. It takes pride in its unique design that most of its users love. You can use it to provide sufficient heat in any room.

This space heater is either oil-filled or baseboard. If you are looking for a more efficient choice, then go for the oil-filled heater as it is famous for being highly efficient. For it to work, this heater uses a heat transfer oil to fill it up.

It is necessary for radiating heat from an outer surface area. One great thing about convection space heaters is that they are low-maintenance. You also have an assurance that you will not have to refill it too frequently.

It is easy to clean, too. It can regulate the heat with its built-in thermostat then disperse it throughout the space or room where you installed it with natural and proper airflow. Another advantage of convection heaters is that it tends to work silently.

It is ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, and basement areas. However, it is not that suitable for households with pets or kids. It is because its surface is prone to getting too hot to touch.

Radiative Heaters

Another type that you can use if you are looking for a space heater designed to heat large rooms is the radiative heater. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for an indoor heating solution, though it is also appropriate and safe to use outdoors.

Patio, fireplace, and infrared heaters are few of the classifications of this type. One of the major benefits of a radiative heater is that it does not require the use of insulation. It is important to note that some heaters do not function as most people expected.

This happens even if they are installed in closed areas. The main reason behind it is insufficient insulation. It is not a problem with radiative heaters since you can expect it to function seamlessly even if the insulation is somewhat poor or lacking.

Another advantage of the radiative heater is that it is small and compact. With its small and compact size, users will not have problems carrying it from one area to another. It is also unique in the sense that it heats objects surrounding it rather than heating the air surrounding the room.

The fact that it directly heats objects is one reason why it is highly efficient. One issue, though, is its overall design. Some find the designs of radiative heaters not as appealing as convection space heaters.

Two Ways of Powering the Space Heater

Electric Space Heaters

One way to power up a space heater is with the aid of electricity. It is the main reason why you can find several space heaters powered by electricity that are available at present. One example is the electric fireplace heater.

For electric space heaters to work, you need to plug them into an electric outlet. With the way it functions, you can safely use it in the household. These heaters also utilize an element running through the pipes.

The heater functions when an electric current starts running through the element, allowing it to produce heat. It is because the electric current transforms to heat, making it possible for it to spread through the machine’s radiator.

One great thing about electric space heaters is that they are available in various styles, levels of output, and sizes. With the many options provided, you can always choose one that suits your preferences and requirements.

Another advantage of electric space heaters is that they are capable of heating rooms quickly. Aside from that, most of these heaters are portable and lightweight, so carrying and moving them around is easy.

Furthermore, they often come with handles, further promoting ease in carrying the units. It is even possible for you to travel with your electric heater around. You may also bring it to your office.

Gas Heaters

You may also want to go for those gas heaters that are currently available in the market. As the name suggests, gas heaters operate with the aid of gas as its source of power. The gas used is often butane or propane.

One thing you have to take note of about gas heaters is that they supply CO2 (carbon dioxide). Because of that, it is harmful to use this unit in areas with poor ventilation. It is highly recommended to use it outdoors, in certain work areas, as well as back porches.

Another reason why many choose gas heaters is that they are both reliable and energy-efficient. Gas heaters are also known for their low operational cost. It is mainly because gas is less expensive than electricity.

Gas heating is known to be cost-effective. As a matter of fact, it costs half the usual cost of electric heaters depending on the overall heating unit efficiency and utility cost. A gas heater also has the advantage of providing consistent warmth in various households and offices.

When compared to electric space heaters, a gas heater is capable of producing warmer air temperatures, up to 25 degrees, specifically. It is the reason why many say that gas heaters are better in heating large spaces and rooms.

Safety Features to Look For

When shopping for a space heater for large rooms, make sure that you spend time checking out the safety features in your options. This is important since the presence of excellent safety features can give you peace of mind, knowing you and the people around you are safe when you are using it.

One thing you have to look for, as far as safety is concerned, is a safety certification label. It should come from a testing organization, which operates independently. Among these are the UL mark, CSA International certification, and ETL label.

The unit you should choose also needs to have a shut-off feature. As much as possible, go for a space heater with a smart sensor, which shuts the unit off automatically once it senses overheating. A tip-over switch is also a big help. It shuts off the unit automatically if it gets knocked over accidentally.

Your space heater is also safer to use if its cord is sturdy and durable. In most cases, these units feature a 6-feet long cord. Make sure that the quality of this cord is top-notch.

It also needs to be strong and durable. Another safety tip is to avoid using a power strip or extension cord with the unit to lower the risk of it overheating.

Considerations for Large Room Space Heaters

Once you begin hunting for a space heater specifically made for large rooms, you should remind yourself that you can’t just get anything recommended to you without doing proper research first.

Take time to understand its safety features and other key factors that contribute to the unit’s overall performance. Make sure that the space heater has all the features needed for it to heat a large room efficiently.

Note that the right one can make a positive difference in your environment. It can supply heat and make you comfortable the entire day, instead of staying in a chilly, cold, and unwelcoming room. You will have a higher chance of picking such a space heater by considering these crucial factors.

Size of Room – One key factor you should consider when shopping for the most suitable large room space heater is the actual size of the space where you plan to put it to. Keep in mind that the sizes of space heaters vary.

Depending on the area or room’s dimensions, it would be wise to go for smaller and more compact and portable ones. If there are only certain parts of a room or home that you want to heat, then an electric home heater is the ideal choice.

Aesthetics – Of course, it is also essential to spend time checking the aesthetic look and design of the space heater you are eyeing to buy. Fortunately, you can access a wide variety of colors and shapes for these items.

You can always pick one based on the design, color, and shape you prefer. One thing to note, though, is that propane burning machines are usually not as attractive as the electric-powered ones.

One popular choice in terms of aesthetics is that shaped like a tower. Other options include those designed to resemble the look of old-fashioned radiators or fireplaces.

Remote Control – You can also go for space heater models that come with remote control. It is a great addition to the set because you can use it in adjusting the settings depending on your desired temperature conveniently.

Making the adjustment is convenient because you just have to do it remotely or from any part of the room. It is a great feature, especially if you don’t want to get up too often just to adjust the temperature.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to get up from your chair when you are trying to relax and rest during a chilly and cold night, so the remote control comes in handy.

Noise Level – Invest in a space heater only after you have assessed the noise level it can produce. It is a matter of convenience. You don’t want to get annoyed by loud and unpleasant sounds when operating the unit, do you?
If you are extremely sensitive to noise, then look for a space heater without a fan. With that in mind, you can choose the radiative heater, which is a lot quieter.

Go for models that operate below 60 decibels, too. They are the ones that produce sounds with similar volume to normal conversations.

Timer – Is there a timer in the space heater that you intend to buy? Then you will be pleased to know that it is one of the most useful features in the unit. With the timer around, you can just set the item based on the specific period of time you intend it to run.

The built-in timer is surely a great feature in any space heater, especially if you have the habit of forgetting to turn your appliances off. It is because it will automatically turn it off once the set time is up.

Safety – Your safety should also be on top of your priorities when using a space heater. With that in mind, spend time assessing the specific features in the unit that can guarantee your safety.

Go for one, which features some safety devices, like protective grills that can cover the heating coils. It also helps to have an automatic sensor, which aids in shutting it down in case of tipping over or overheating.

It also needs to have cool-to-touch surfaces as well as other highly advanced safety features that assure users of more secure operation. Keep in mind that if improperly monitored, these heaters can easily turn into fire hazards, so pick one with plenty of useful safety features.

Ability to Mount – Check whether the heater also has fixtures that make it possible to mount it on your ceiling or wall. This specific ability is extremely useful if you have a small space.

The good thing about most space heaters that you can mount on walls or ceilings is that they are not only convenient and cost-effective but are also good when it comes to saving space. You can just directly attach this item to the wall, giving you additional floor space.

Thermostat – Make sure to spend time analyzing the overall quality and performance of the built-in thermostat, too. Keep in mind that the thermostat is that specific feature that will help you monitor the room’s temperature.

It is also what you can use in making appropriate adjustments on the unit’s output levels. You can choose between an adjustable thermostat and a programmable thermostat.
The adjustable thermostat does not retain a preset temperature but controls heat depending on your selection. You can adjust the heat using the built-in buttons or a knob.
On the other hand, the programmable thermostat allows you to program your preferred temperature in the room. It then cycles the unit on and off automatically as a means of maintaining that programmed temperature.

Oscillating – You can also greatly benefit from a space heater with an oscillating function. A space heater with this function is usually very portable. It is also a great way to heat almost all room sizes within just a few seconds.

In most cases, the oscillating function makes it possible for it to supply warmth to each area of the room, instead of just focusing on a single place. It does so with its design that resembles a fan, allowing it to have rotation movements from left to right.

Many also find this function beneficial because it can lower the thermostat when it operates. With that, it can significantly remove the pressure from the central heating system. It makes it suitable for a wide range of rooms in both offices and homes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of space heater is best for large rooms?

When searching for a good and reliable space heater, the actual size matters a lot. Your choice of the best type of space heater for large rooms will, therefore, depend on the specific space it needs to cover.

The majority of space heaters today are capable of heating areas surrounding them while providing supplemental heat in the specific rooms where you use them. You can choose fan-forced heaters if you want to be able to heat the whole offices and rooms.

Infrared space heaters, on the other hand, are designed in a way that they can warm the specific items they reach directly. To promote ease in making the selection, though, it would be best to choose a space heater capable of producing 10 watts of power for each square foot.

This capacity can give you comfort. If the room is very large, though, it might be necessary for you to invest in at least one space heater so you can retain a nice and comfortable temperature throughout.

How much does it cost to run a 1,500-watt heater for 24 hours?

If you decide to use an electric space heater, then the cost of running it every 24 hours is solely based on how much electricity costs in your area per kilowatt-hour. You can find this figure in your monthly electric bills.

Determine this cost as you can use it in the calculation. Let’s say, for example, that the average kilowatt-hour cost is around 20 cents every hour. You should then determine the number of wattage your space heater uses.

In this case, we will use 1,500 watts, which is the most commonly used one for space heaters. The formula here will then be 1,500 x 24. The result should be divided by 1,000 then multiplied by the $0.20 kilowatt per hour.

The result of this computation, which is $7.20, will be the average cost of running the heater for 24 hours. Use this formula in computing the amount you will most likely spend on the 24-hour operation of your heater.

Is a gas or electric heater better?

Gas and electric heaters have their individual merits, so it is up to the user to decide which one he/she thinks will work best for his/her space. It is vital to point out, though, that electric heaters are less expensive and easier to install compared to gas heaters.

Electric space heaters do not also require the use of a chimney compared to gas heaters. Despite that, gas heating also seems to be better than electric-based ones as far as operational costs are concerned.

It is because its operational costs are lower considering the fact that gas is cheaper compared to electricity. Most also say that gas space heaters seem to work a lot better in warming large rooms or spaces. Electrical space heaters, on the other hand, are seen to be more economical if you use them in small rooms.


The use of a space heater is indeed one of the most convenient solutions in heating rooms or spaces, even large ones. You can also use it in getting instant heat in areas outdoors. What is good about these space heaters is that they are often portable.

You can easily position them in various spots in your home or office because of their lightness and portability. Most of these heaters also work effectively in lessening your heating costs. It is mainly because they only heat a room, instead of your whole space or house.

However, with the many choices you have, you might get confused about the selection process. Fortunately, you have this article as your guide. Hopefully, it helped you in figuring out which one suits your large room the most.

Do not forget to consider how safe the unit is, the item’s energy-efficiency, as well as the actual size of the area before making your choice. That way, you have an assurance that what you have chosen will truly work in your favor.

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