Mr Buddy Heater F232000 MH9BX Review

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Are you looking for the ideal source of heat during the cold winter season? Then Mr. Buddy Heater F232000 MH9BX might be perfect for you. It is an affordable yet highly effective choice if you want to apply supplemental heat inside your room.

With that, you don’t have to use an expensive full central heating system. At under a hundred dollars, this portable heating solution can provide the warmth needed during the winter. It is also safe to use indoors.

Furthermore, it is lightweight enough that moving it from one room to another is easy. Get to know more about this amazing heater through this article.


Here are some of the most exciting and valuable features carried by Mr. Buddy Heater F232000:

Auto shut-off system

With this feature, expect it to automatically shut off in case it detects some harmful triggers. It functions when the heater accidentally tips over, when the system detects low levels of oxygen, and when someone picks up the heater. With this feature, pets and kids around it will stay safe.

Low oxygen sensor

This feature helps prevent carbon monoxide buildup. This is a good thing as carbon monoxide is famous for being a lethal and harmful compound.

Adjustable heat settings (from 4,000 to 9,000 BTU)

You can, therefore, adjust the heater’s temperature depending on your needs. For instance, if you only require minimal heat then set it at 4,000 BTU. If you need more heat then choose the highest setting, which is 9,000 BTU.

Folding handle

You can use this feature to fold down the heater neatly when you no longer use it. It is also useful in conveniently holding the unit when trying to transfer it to another spot. With the folding handle around, picking it up and carrying it around will be easy.

Ceramic burner tile

This high-quality feature is impressive because it comes with shock-absorbing insulation. It’s also sturdy plus easy to replace when necessary.

Porcelain-coated heating surface

This built-in feature is favorable because it helps in dispersing heat over a wide area. With this, expect to take full advantage of the radiant heater’s maximum coverage within a room.

Extra Features

Apart from the five specific features already mentioned, the following extra features also make Mr. Buddy Heater even more impressive:

  • 4-position control, which comes with lo/hi heat and igniter off settings
  • Swivel regulator, promoting ease in installing the hose and LP cylinder
  • Wire guard with high-temperature capacity

What Consumers Say About Mr. Buddy Heater?

Safety Features

Among the things that Mr. Buddy F232000 portable heater takes pride in are its built-in safety features. Most users agree that the appliance is truly safe to use because of such built-in features.

One of these is the auto shut-off system, which many users love because it can automatically switch off the heater in case the pilot light turns off accidentally or if the heater itself is tipped off. It is also safe because a thick rubber wraps the heater, preventing you from getting burned in case you bump into or touch it accidentally.

It also further improves its level of safety with the built-in oxygen depletion sensor as well as the accidental tip-over shut-off system. With such features, this heater is surely safe to use both outdoors and in enclosed and small spaces indoors. You can also safely use it even with the presence of pets and kids around your house.


In terms of weight, this specific heating system does not seem to disappoint the majority of its users. It is lightweight at 5.85 pounds, excluding the propane canister’s weight at around 1 pound. While some say that the actual weight is not suitable for winter backpacking, it is still perfect for RV adventures, hunting, and car camping.

Although this heating system is lightweight, compact, and portable, it is never insufficient in terms of performance. It is even capable of heating a room that is around 200 square feet. With that, it is suitable for the majority of household rooms.

It allows you to have enough heat without the need to use a cumbersome or somewhat excessive and expensive heating system. It is not bulky, too. Add to that the integrated carry handle in the portable heater and I am sure you will feel how lightweight and convenient it is to carry and move around.

Ease of Operation

Another positive benefit that a lot of users highlight is the ease of operations. Most agree that the heater comes with a setup that truly promotes ease in operation. Some even say that it is easy to relight even when dark.

Powered by liquid propane, this portable heater is easy to use. All it takes is to screw the canister easily on the sides. It is so easy to use and operate that it is unnecessary to lift the unit.

The connection is also designed in a way that it swivels out. You just have to twist it on so it will start working. It is also important to set the propane cylinder’s bottom into the base to ensure that it will have a stable and sturdy platform.

Once set up, expect it to operate by providing around three to six hours of heat per cylinder. The length of time it operates will depend on your setting, though. If you want to further increase the heating time, then you can just simply invest in an additional hose, which lets you connect the heater to larger propane tanks.


The overall performance of the Mr. Buddy heater will fully depend on the outdoor temperature of the specific place you are in. In the majority of cases, though, it performs pretty well. This portable radiant heater even serves as the ideal companion for those who want to heat smaller spaces, whether indoors and outdoors.

It is great to use in case you are camping or ice fishing or want something to heat your garage or any other room in your house. It is small and portable but it performs efficiently when it comes to transmitting a huge amount of heat. Expect it to give around 3-6 hours of heat using the small 1-lb. propane tank.

If you use the 20-lb. tank, though, then expect it to provide heat efficiently for a longer period – up to 48 hours. It also performs well when used indoors, making it ideal for those situations when power is suddenly interrupted and you need heat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it heat up quickly?

Yes, it heats up quickly. It is even one of its most prominent advantages. It boasts of a huge heating surface that contributes to it having the ability to heat a room quickly.

Combine that with its swivel-out fuel connection, fold-down handle, and the easy-to-start 4-position control and I am sure it will only require the least time to get its parts working and running.

Once it starts functioning, expect everyone to enjoy radiant heating comfort, perfect for the winter season. The heat is also reliable and safe, thanks to its auto shut-off systems.

Does it heat well?

Yes. It can provide around 4,000-9,000 BTUs of radiant heat. This is perfect for spaces that are around 225 square feet. It can provide more than enough heat designed to make any place in your home to attain your desired heat.

The good thing about the heat it produces is that it is odor-free and clean. The provided heat is also almost instant. It is portable and operates without the need for electricity. It tends to heat well without requiring electricity to make it start its operations.

Apart from that, it uses propane tanks that have longer and better storage capacity compared to a kerosene container.

What room size is this best for?

The heater is small and compact. It is lightweight, too. However, despite its lightness and somewhat compact and small size, it is capable of heating a room, which is up to 225 square feet.

This capability makes it suitable for the majority of rooms inside your home. It can provide the level of warmth required in those areas even if you do not get the excessive, pricey, and overcomplicated unit.

I am sure you will also love the hundred percent energy efficiency promised by this heater. In other words, it does not trigger wasted energy because all energy used in powering up the heater focuses on producing heat. With that, it is surely an eco-friendly heating solution for various household rooms.

Bottom Line

In terms of performance, you will never feel disappointed once you start using Mr. Buddy Heater. It is one of the best sources of warmth and heat. It is so flexible that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

You can use it to heat any part of your home or your greenhouse. It is also a big help during your camping sessions. If you are worried about safety then you will be glad to know that it focuses on keeping its users safe.

It even comes with an auto shut-off feature, which works by turning the unit off automatically when some triggers of danger are detected. Another advantage is that it is portable and compact, making it easy to use. With all these benefits, investing in Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX is surely a sound decision.

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